The purpose of the (SC)2 is:

  1. To promote the study, interest, and enjoyment of scientific computing.
  2. To create an inter-disciplinary community that encourages collaboration and fosters discussions of scientific computing topics and applications.
  3. To provide information about computational resources available to students at the University of Utah.
  4. To host events that familiarize students with current scientific computing research being conducted at the University of Utah.
  5. To create an inclusive environment for its diverse members to exchange knowledge of scientific computing.

Some of the (SC)2 activities include:

  1. organize scientific programming booth camps,
  2. invite speakers from national labs, industry, and other universities to deliver technical talks
  3. organize tutorials on how to use various software packages
  4. share the dos and don’ts of scientific programming
  5. create a safe, inclusive, and diverse space, where anyone is welcome to explore scientific programming
  6. provide support for the members especially minorities and under-represented groups to attend conferences
  7. organize and host fun activities to create a sense of belonging among their members
  8. etc.